Body of Kidnapped Assyrian Student Found in a Cemetery

(ZNDA: Mosul)  According to a report published on, on 8 August the body of Anita Theodoros Harjo, 20 , a student at the Nineveh Art Academy, was found in the Akkab Cemetery in Mosul.

The brother and sister of Mr. Ayad Dawood Gergis (Gewargis) mourn after their brother's funeral services at a local church, Sunday, 14 August in the Dora district of Baghdad. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim) Anita was kidnapped in al-Zohoor quarters while on her way to an Internet Café.

In Mosul, armed men kidnapped pharmacist Noel Potrus (born 1963) and his brother Amar and an Arab who worked in the pharmacy on 6 August.

Noel's body and that of the Arab were found thrown on the a roadside north of Mosul. Amar was released after paying $50,000 ransom.

In Baghdad, Dura quarters (al-Mekanik), Sargon Esho (born 1983) was shot and killed on 9 August near Mar Zaia Church.

Another Assyrian, Mr. Ayad Dawood Gergis was driving his car to work last week when he was attacked in Baghdad and killed by unknown gunmen.