Three killed, 17 wounded in seven bombings near Iraq churches

1/29/2006 22:28:27

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Six co-ordinated car bombs and a roadside bomb went off near churches across the Iraqi capital and in Kirkuk, killing three people and wounding 17, police and interior ministry officials said.

Four car bombs went off near four churches in Baghdad's Karada area, while two bombs went off near two churches in the northern city of Kirkuk Sunday. [ ... ]

Iraq Churches Targeted in Series of Attacks

3 Killed; Blasts Hit Baghdad and Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, Iraq, JAN. 30, 2006 ( Three people died Sunday and more than 20 were injured when bombers targeted six crowded churches in Iraq.

Terrified parishioners ran for their lives when the car bombers struck in coordinated attacks that took place as services got under way on Sunday evening in Baghdad and the northern city of Kirkuk. [ ... ]